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Antiperspirants – Aluminum & Breast Cancer

Antiperspirants/deodorants are being linked to breast cancer in several studies. This article will look into the link between the aluminum component in antiperspirants and breast cancer. Click here to read more…

‘Antiperspirants – Aluminum & Breast Cancer’ is the third part in a series titled ‘Deodorants, Antiperspirants and Your Health’.

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  1. Very informative article. Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention. Anything wrong with a good washcloth and some mild soap?

    My father warned me many years ago about the dangers of antiperspirants before we knew of the dangers of aluminum. I have been careful to not ever use a product like this ever since. My daughter doesn’t use these products either, and I don’t think either of us smell. This article proves that he was right along.


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