Solid Information on Controversial Health Topics

The goal of this blog

Trying to form educated opinions and making informed decisions seems to become harder as more information becomes available.

Distinguishing quality information from disinformation might not be hard, but it takes time. And many people do not have the time to really delve into a subject. And when time is limited, researching often becomes a quick Google search. And I bet that most people do not go beyond the first page of the Google results.

In the worst-case scenario, you get the same (and in many cases) wrong information that you already received through CNN or Fox.

In the best-case scenario you find new information that opens your eyes and motivates you to do more research and get educated on the subject.

In the realistic-case scenario, you might end up with a different take on the subject by doing that Google search, which leaves you with two views and no time to look into the issue in order to determine the right choice for you.

My goal with this blog/website is to delve into subjects, and present articles that provide an objective overview backed by the research that I have done on the issue.

This blog/website will force me to look into subjects in order to make a decision or come to an opinion, or to find out whether my existing opinions/decisions are justified.

Hopefully this blog/website will provide information that will help you to make decisions or come to opinions that improve your life.

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